(Aad Granth Sahib - Page 777)

It was not unknown to the public what was happening to Guru Gobind Singh's Punjab, yet they continued to be used by the englishmen as lifeless toys and cow-butchery became a part of life for many. It is a regret that many of those with 'Singh' attached to their names were permitting, and even committing these crimes.

But, in the same manner that a Lion would fight to death to protect its territory, it was The Guru's Sikhs who were ready to lay down their lives in order to protect their Lord's Land.

14th of June, 1871: When a group of 4 Namdhari Sikhs visited Amritsar to take a bath at Darbar Sahib, they saw hawks dropping bones collected from the slaughter-house into the sacred pool. The Sikhs could not bear such a terrible sight and without consulting anyone, they hatched a plan to put an end to the slaughter-house that was opened near the Harimandir Sahib.

 At midnight the Sikhs constructed a ladder out of bamboo sticks and climbed into the slaughter-house through a window. They made their way to the location where the cows were leashed and set them free, then the Sikhs killed the butchers and safely escaped.

Since reports against the slaughter-house were filed earlier by Hindus, the englishmen's police force therefore arrested Hindus and Nihang Singhs and forced them into admitting the crime they did not commit! The session-judge decided to punish them via death penalty and the day of their demise was set.

The Sikhs, after accomplishing the deed, continued with their pilgrimage to Gurdwara Sri Bhaini Sahib to seek blessings of Sri Satguru Ram Singh Ji.

Guruji, who already knew what had happened to the innocent Hindus and Nihangs, asked the Sikhs what went on at Amritsar.

The Sikhs told the entire story and realized that it was their deeds for which the Hindus and Nihangs were held responsible.

Guru Sahib then Ordered them to go back and tell the judge what actually happened in order to set the innocent people free.

The Sikhs at once returned to Amritsar with a police's sepoy called Lal Singh.

They approached the session-judge and told the entire ordeal, but the judge would not believe them. However, after proving to the judge by giving out the locations where the swords used to free the cows and kill the butchers were kept, along other evidents, the judge finally agreed to let the innocent Hindus and Nihangs go.

15th September 1871: The stage was set for the Kukas to be hung. However, the Sikhs did not allow the englishmen nor their slaves to touch them. After Ishnaan(bath) at Amritsar, they happily faced their fate Performing Shabad-Keertan, two of them playing musical instruments and the other two Singing GurBani.

Of the 4 Shaheeds, one was an only child of an old mother. Before being hung, his mother put Tilak on his, as well as the other 3 Kukas' forehead and Recited Prayers from the Holy Aad Granth Sahib. After which she expressed her Joy saying that she was blessed for her son was facing death to protect The Religion and The Nation. The old mother's feelings of Joy are perhaps best described by the following statements: