(Aad Granth Sahib - Page 694)

Gurmantar(Also called Nam/Bhajan/GurShabad), as the Name suggests, is The Sacred Mantra given by The Guru.

The Sacred Sikh Scriptures, Sri Aad and Dasam Granth Sahibs endlessly Praises The Guru with whose Kirpa(Blessings) The Gurmantar is Received:

(Aad Granth Sahib - Page 310)

Though The Benefits of The Recital of Gurmantar through the performance of Nam Simran or Bhajan are recorded in countless of ways within the Sacred Scriptures, It's Basic purpose is undeniably for the Purification of Mann(Mind).

However, what exactly is Mann must first be considered.

Mann is described as the combination of 4 things: Sangkalp, Vikalp, Budhi and Aatma.

Sangkalp is described as the involuntary thought that occurs when a person perceives something through any of the senses available to him.

After the Sangkalp takes place, the next to follow is Vikalp which acts as a verification section of the mind which asks questions such as 'How?', 'Where?', 'When?' or 'Why?'.

After going through the verification process, decision must be made and this is accomplished via Budh(i).

Finally when the decision is made, the action is taken with the power of Aatma which more or less acts as a power-house for the mind as well as the body.

However, as one would suspect, wrong thoughts, decisions and actions are not uncommon and are in many cases almost unavoidable.

It is infact described as a 'disease' of a person dwelling in this Time of Kaljug that one is almost always attracted towards the commitment of sins and crimes instead of good deeds.

Yet with The Kirpa of Satguru Nanak Dev Ji, The Avatar of Akal in this dark age as it is called, His followers, despite their race, caste or social status, are Granted The 'medicine' to cure the mentioned 'disease':

(Aad Granth Sahib - Page 893)

And with The Kirpa of The Present Avatars of Satguru Nanak Dev Ji, Sri Satguru Ram Singh Ji Maharaj and Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji Maharaj, more and more Sikhs are Blessed with The Divine Gurmantar and refined methods of meditation are Taught:

(Hukamnama - Sri Satguru Ram Singh Ji)

As Ordered above by Satguru Ram Singh Ji, His Sikhs are Given The Hukam to Recite Gurmantar at all times. By doing so, one is immersed in the realization of God and one who remembers The Guru at all times is litterally miles away from commitment of sins and crimes that are against The Hukam of Satguruji.

Another Hukam included above is regarding keeping one's self away from consumption of liquor and meat. Though it is clear to most people that liquor affects the mind directly and is therefore undoubtedly considered a pollutant for the mind as well as the body, many are skeptical how meat is related to the impurification of the mind. Again, with The Grace of The Guru, the answer is clearly written in The Aad Granth Sahib on page 140 as:

Now many would ask how 'pure' can the mind get anyhow?

As for the level of purification, it is mentioned by Bhagat Kabir Ji and recorded in The Sri Aad Guru Granth Sahib as:

(Aad Granth Sahib - Page 1367)

With such level of purification, even The Akal is said to be walking behind The Purified Being.

Mentioned above are just a few aspects of what The Gurmantar, with The Kirpa of The Guru ofcourse, can do:

(Aad Granth Sahib - Page 491)

Thus, it is only with The Blessings of Satguruji that one can firstly Receive Gurmantar and secondly Recite and Gain from It, as Recorded on page 592 of Sri Aad Granth Sahib: