(Aad Granth Sahib - Page 99)

The subject of Guru Ram Singh Ji's Livelihood is, for The Sikhs, not a controversial one. For The Guru had Told The Sikhs who accompanied Him in the bullock-cart when He Left Sri Bhaini Sahib in the year 1872 repeatedly NOT TO BELIEVE WHAT THE ENGLISH GOVERNMENT WOULD ANNOUNCE ABOUT HIS LIFE OR DEATH. HE RESTATED THE ORDERS OF SATGURU GOBIND SINGH JI THAT HIS 'DEH'(BODY) WOULD SUSTAIN FOR 250 YEARS.

As The Guru had Forewarned, the english indeed turned out to act exactly as His Holiness Predicted.

In the report of the civil surgeon of Mergui, No. 99, dated the 29th November, 1885, he wrote:

"I beg to report to you the death of the state prisoner Ram Singh, which event has taken place just this moment 4-30 P.M. The man has been in a decline some time past, and with the setting in of the cold weather, he had another attack of diarrhoea and complained of change very much.
Another blanket was purchased and added to the other two he already possessed.
The last attack of Diarrhoea set in on the 22nd, and all endeavours to induce him to take medicine having proved abortive, he was treated with small doses of opium, which he took readily. His diet was completely regulated and nourishment kept up at shorter intervals, his constitution already broken down from old age, frequent attacks of Diarrhoea off and on since the rains of 1883, an attack of general Dropsy in the earlier part of the current year and from general debility, he succumbed to the present attack and died quite exhausted at 4-30 P.M. in my presence, on 29th November 1885."

The civil surgeon's report can be easily denounced when it is recorded that as far back as 11th August, 1884, Satguru Ram Singh Ji were reported to be in good health.

According to the letter no. 221-226 S.P. dated Rangoon 11th August, 1884, the following report may be quoted:

"Of the Kooka prisoners, the most important, Ram Singh, is kept in confinement at Mergui. His health during the past year has been fairly good and his conduct much better than usual."

The above report certainly does not agree with the version of the Surgeon. This creates doubts. There is also a document signed by Mr. Bernard, british chief commissioner of Burma, in August 1886 that states Satguruji had been sent to a 'remote' place in the country where no one had access to because in spite of being kept in strict imprisonment He had managed to keep contacts with the freedom fighters in India.

But that is not all the indirect 'confessions' of the british government one would end up with when more facts are surfaced.

According to Sant Nidhan Singh Alam, an esteemed Namdhari writer who had the chance to accompany Sri Satguru Partap Singh Ji Maharaj when His Holiness Blessed the land of Siam(Thailand) in the year 1934, while returning from Bangkok, They took the steamer bound for Rangoon. The steamer touched Mergui in its course. Satguruji, accompanied by The Sikhs including Sant Nidhan Singhji, got down there in order to make inquiries about Satguru Ram Singh Ji. They met an old Sikh living in the suburbs of Mergui, who volunteered the following statement:

"I am about 70 years old now, and for the last twenty years I have been living here and selling milk. I had the chance to inquire about Guru Ram Singh from a very old Burmese monk. He told me that He(Satguru Ram Singh Ji) was a Person of Vast Powers, and His very Appearance Bestowed Peace upon the onlooker. At first, He was kept in jail but subsequently He was put up in a Bungalow at the seashore. He was not strictly guarded. One day, He disappeared from captivity and could not be found in spite of best efforts. Perchance, a Dogra prisoner who also bore the name Ram Singh, died suddenly. The authorities took advantage of this situation. They gave out that the Kuka Guru had died, while actually performing the last rites of that Dogra soldier. It was nothing but a political stunt."

There is yet another 'confession' made by the government. The Height and Physique of Satguru Ram Singh Ji was better than Satguru Hari Singh Ji. But, after announcing the death of Guru Ram Singh, the clothes that were returned to Guru Hari Singh Ji by the authorities at Ludhiana were so tight for Guru Hari Singh Ji that He could not wear them! Apparently those clothes belonged to some thin and short-statured person and not Guru Ram Singh.

Also, Satguru Hari Singh Ji Called upon the authorities to return to Him The Granth Sahib from which Satguru Ram Singh Ji Read The Holy Verses and also The Metallic-Pot(Garva) which He invariably used. That would, at least, provide some proof in support of what the Government claimed. But the government could not hand back either of these two things.

Sardar Alam Singh S.D.O. (Punjab) publicised in a Namdhari paper 'Satjug', his claim that in the year 1890 he had the privilege of meeting Sri Satguru Ram Singh Ji in Moulmein (Burma), and obtaining His Blessings. He challenged the government to refute his claim but there was no refutation forthcoming.

Lastly, a brief mention of 'The Indian Census Report (of Mr. Maclegan)' must be made in which he wrote The Akal to have been dead in the year 1887 or 1888. So here the person is not even sure about the incident!

How could the census report not agree with other false documents they've produced?

Well, when people tell a lie, such conflits are customary.